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Twitter Confessions From a New User


To begin this inaugural blog, I must start with a few confessions.

Confession #1: Until just a few weeks ago, I thought Twitter was something that people glanced at when they didn’t have much to do and were looking for ways to pass the time in mindless ways. Let’s face it, “Twitter” and “tweet” don’t conjure up a mental image of life-changing conversations, engagement, collaboration, or professional learning, until you experience life-changing conversations, engagement, collaboration, and professional learning through Twitter. Then, you get it!!

Confession #2: I did not wake up one morning with an epiphany that I was missing out on an incredible learning opportunity and felt “called” to join Twitter. Nope! Didn’t happen that way. It happened because of one person. A teacher at my school had caught the Twitter bug and did what we would hope all of our teachers and students would do when they are learning something new–she shared her experiences & excitement with me in subtle, but constant, ways. I finally did have an epiphany, but not one that I am proud to admit. I woke up one morning thinking, I DO NOT have time to waste on Twitter, but I am not practicing my mantra of ‘Always Learning!’ if I don’t at least attempt to figure out what the buzz is all about. I planned to join Twitter and proudly announce to her & others that, yes, I too was on Twitter! End of story! Well, clearly that plan “failed” in a profoundly successful way. Which leads me to…

Confession #3: As a recent immigrant to Twitterworld, I have learned a tremendous amount from other educators across the globe in a short amount of time. As I read posts and blogs, I am amazed at the creativity, passion, and love for learning that educators selflessly convey through poignant, powerful, purposeful, and personal ways. Which leads me to this third confession-I feel a sense of guilt and selfishness that I am ‘taking’ much more that I am ‘giving.’ I am also consumed with a sense of nervousness as I question whether or not I will be able to give back to the profession in as articulate and unassuming ways as some of my favorite PLN folks do. But, as a somewhat intimidated risk-taker, comes…

Confession #4: Since joining Twitter, I have experienced an unimaginable yearning to put my thoughts and experiences on (paperless) paper. I use the word unimaginable because I completed my doctorate just a few months ago. Upon final approval of my dissertation, I swore to myself (and my family) that I was NEVER going to write again!! I place the blame (#it’stheAmericanway) on so many amazing educator-Twitterers whom I have never met but I feel like I know! You have ignited a desire within me to share my experiences and insights with others. And, I must confess (#wordoftheday) that I am thrilled with the idea that my blogs will not have to follow APA-6th edition style AND can be more that 140 characters!

Confession #5: I have a newfound obsession with #hashtagphrases #theymakemesmile #probablydriveotherscrazy!

Confession #6: The inspiration, knowledge, insights, and ramblings that will emerge through these upcoming blogs will be a reflection of the dynamic learning opportunities I encounter on a daily basis. I look forward to sharing this journey with others. The blogs will (hopefully) not all be written by me. I will tap on expertise and wisdom of the incredible educators with whom I get to work with every day to help tell our story! Please join us!